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Issue with another order, but fair play, they sorted it really quickly! Love their food, and never usually any issues. Couldn’t redact my other review, so 100% praise for all the other lovely orders we’ve received!

Elaine, 10 Apr 2021


We ordered vegetarian Ackee but you sent one with salt fish in it

Elaine, 10 Apr 2021

Delivery takes too long! 2 hours wait is way too long

Simone, 09 Apr 2021

Lobe it

Paul, 07 Apr 2021

Beautiful as always ❤

Rachael, 04 Apr 2021

Highly recommend

Abby, 29 Mar 2021

Cancelled my order, no reason Very disappointed to say the least, how could I rate anything further Past experience was good but well no more to say

Steve, 27 Mar 2021

Need to be better at getting orders ready within the time stated. I've been to collect 3 times, each time I've had to wait over 10 mins. This is the only thing letting you down. Food is very good and reasonably priced.

Byron, 26 Mar 2021

Great food

Leon, 19 Mar 2021

Love this place. Service is a+ and food is unbelievable

Ben, 13 Mar 2021

We’ve had this as our weekly treat for 3 weeks on the bounce and never been disappointed your food is amazing I must try your fried chicken at some point but cannot resist your curried goat

Lesley, 13 Mar 2021

Fabulous Food, amazing, always tasty & hot. Will only order from here now

Zoe, 13 Mar 2021

Always great food!

Charles, 12 Mar 2021

Always great food!

Charles, 12 Mar 2021

Amazing food! Never disappointed!

Sasha, 10 Mar 2021

Ate from here few times before always friendly and food it top quality

Isaiah, 06 Mar 2021

Really, really happy with today's delivery time, I can see the improvement so well done to you and I am so impressed at the way you work to improve on feedback. Really missing the fantastic cardboard boxes, the polystyrene aren't great as they melt into the food and it tastes a little plasticy because of the sweating if that makes sense. I hope the cardboard boxes will come back. Sadly we were a little disappointed with the seabass dinner today, it tastes like it had been reheated perhaps? Just not as fresh as your usual and coating was soggy, not crispy like we love it. Sauce was nice and not too much pepper, really enjoyed that. Mac and cheese was okay but found it salty unfortunately. I like a saucy mac and cheese so this wasn't to my taste I guess.

Kayleigh, 05 Mar 2021

Fabulous food as always. So tasty hence why we will always from you, and directly from your website too.

Katrina, 26 Feb 2021

I'm writing to advise that I'm so disappointed with the food that I just received. As a 1st time customer I was excited to know there was a carribean takeaway near home. Unfortunately what arrived was not presented correctly. The food was sloppily put in the container and was only filled half way all the food was mixed together. The rice was now mushy and the coleslaw was hot. The plantain clearly was not fresh and the food was inedible. The containers are not fit for purpose and all the food should have arrived in separate containers. As a fellow carribean person im disappointed in the standard that is being presented. Where is the passion? Where is the quality control? We have to do better!!

Tahirah, 21 Feb 2021

Always excellent, order from here

Nikhwat, 18 Feb 2021

Ur dumplings are the best I’ve ever tasted , pls never change them lol

Lensi, 16 Feb 2021

Beautiful food again as always

Rachael, 14 Feb 2021


The rum punch got squashed inside the bag and over half came out. Fortunately we got the food out just in time before it got soaked, but the majority was in the bag. Maybe ensure that the plastic cups are carried separately to avoid this happening in transit. Food is good as always so not all lost.

Elaine, 12 Feb 2021

Always good food from here,

Tammy, 06 Feb 2021

Food is delicious

Lauren, 05 Feb 2021

WOW. Ordered food tonight and it was absolutely delicious. So tasty. The meat was so tender. Will definitely be ordering again. Highly recommended.

Lisa, 04 Feb 2021